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Strategic Consulting

 Don't waste money on random marketing efforts!

Single actions in communications, no matter if digital or print, hardly ever have a significant impact on lead generation, sales or visibility – only on your budget. In fact, efficient and successful marketing communications requires a continuous, orchestrated flow of synergistic activities based on a long-term strategy and closely monitored for optimal performance. 

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Where to start?


First of all - no matter whether you are a start-up or an established company - tackling fundamental issues like market definition and positioning is an essential requirement for any strategic approach in communications. A couple of logical steps then lead to the development of a conclusive strategy and a custom-fit action plan that combines classical and online activities, defines goals, tools, channels and budget.
In the process of implementation however, lots of variables will influence outcome and success. This is why the strategic approach should be regarded as a perpetual feedback loop: success, performance and market parameters are used as adjustment screws for strategy and actions.

Three components of strategic planning


Utilize marcommotions' life science marketing expertise


It is often useful to have an external expert with a neutral birds-eye perspective analyze strategic issues. As a specialist for life science marketing, marcommotion offers consulting for all steps of the strategic process:

  • market positioning (e.g. workshop)
  • strategic concept for marketing communications
  • annual marcom activities & budget plan
  • media- and meetings-analysis
  • customer relationship management communication
  • strategic start-up consulting „marcom spark plug“
  • special: introduction to the German life science market

Tailored Services

 Keep afloat the marketing tasks

Off- and online marketing, trade fairs & congresses, customer support, website & shop, content management, media relations and so on - modern marketing is complex and demands skillful prioritizing and project management. The successful implementation of your marketing strategy and its periodic revision requires constant attention by trained personnel.

Marcommotion speaks the language of the life science industry and is not only familiar with its media and sales channels but also with the different communication tools for informational or advertising purposes.

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Service portfolio


  • Strategic marketing consulting, including in-house workshops
  • 360°Digital marketing consulting & services (certified online marketing manager)
  • Content marketing & story telling
  • Corporate identity makeover/creation
  • Scientific communication
  • Press & media relations
  • In-house or digital marketing trainings & coachings
  • Process management coaching (certified OKR-professional)
  • Individual marcom start-up kit (basic tools for small budgets)

Care-free Support

 Partnership according to your needs

The cooperation with marcommotion is as flexible as your needs are variable: You can get support for a single project only or throughout a critical phase in company development (e.g. start-up, changes in business strategy, product launch) or in form of continuous external assistance to your marketing team. Service provider, external manager or interim manager – you determine level and duration of the relationship. 

Partnership features


Quick communication, close coordination and optional visits are central features of my service. A supporting partner network creates capacities for high order volumes.

Workflow and process


Transparency is vital for a fruitful collaboration. Clients receive regular status reports that document progress and outcome of all projects. Fees are charged on a project or hourly basis or as defined in a basic master agreement.

Profile marcommotion

Moving life science marketing communications

Marcommotion has been founded in 2015 by Dr. Susanne Kuhlendahl, a freelance expert in life science communication with over 20 years of professional experience. The goal of the enterprise is to provide tailored marketing communications support with strategic consulting and individual services to companies and institutions.

Communication & Marketing since 1999

Professional background Dr. Susanne Kuhlendahl


  • Studies of biology at the universities of Würzburg and Bremen (Dipl. Biol.), PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB, 1998, Neuroscience Research Center)
  • Management positions in marketing & communication with increasing responsibilities in companies and life science agencies (Axaron AG, Genius GmbH, Physician’s World GmbH, Immundiagnostik AG, Springer Medizin GmbH, medicyte GmbH)
  • 360 degree competencies in marketing-, corporate- & scientific communication, advertising and public relations
  • Professional author & editor of texts (English/German)
  • Creator of Corporate Identities, Designs and Layouts for print and digital purposes
  • Far-reaching life science industry and media network
  • Experience and skills in website/content management, digital marketing & advertizing
  • Key qualifications in project, product and team management
  • Member of the Life Science Marketing Society

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marcommotion speaks life science!

The life science industry is very diverse, ranging from small biotech markets to big pharma business with different stakeholders requiring varying levels of informational and promotional approaches. In order to market products and technologies effectively in this environment, it is essential to know the industry’s distribution channels, its terminologies and to have a basic understanding of natural sciences. Marcommotion speaks the language of the life science industry and is not only familiar with its media and sales channels but also with the different communication tools for informational or advertising purposes.

Recent trainings and certifications:

  • Methods for effective trainings (Haufe Akademie, 2022)
  • Certified OKR professional (Serview GmbH, 2021)
  • Marketing automation (Forum für Führungskräfte, 2020)
  • Certified online marketing manager (Forum für Führungskräfte, 2015)


Since 2015, marcommotion has been supporting numerous clients - small or medium-sized companies - with strategic advice and hands-on marketing communication services. The collaborations ranged from individual temporary projects to lasting partnerships.

marcommotion showcase:

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By Master en comunicación

I use my extensive expert network in the life science industry to complement my portfolio with comprehensive services along the entire marketing value chain, to create capacities for high order volumes, and to connect people and businesses.

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